Why Veg?

Why Veg? Booklet

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Full colour booklet, free distribution across Australia.

Published by the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of QLD. Revised July 2008. Please contact VVSQ for questions.


Why Veg? introduces some of the reasons many people are choosing to lead a vegan lifestyle: for the environment, their own health, and the animals.  Click on the "Jump to Page" icons below to see each page fully referenced.

Why Veg? is an edited version of an original booklet produced by Vegan Outreach in the US, their initial work is very gratefully acknowledged and has been edited with permission. This 2008 revision and referenced text by The Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Queensland (VVSQ), a member society of Animals Australia. Please feel free to use references and text to spread the message about the benefits of veganism. VVSQ would be delighted to hear how you are using this work.

Many photos in the booklet weren't taken in Australia, however each one is representative of the kinds of conditions Australian animals live under.  A large collection of Australian photos showing usual conditions on factory farms can be found at Animal Liberation Victoria’s website.

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