Vegan 'meat' burger that 'bleeds' arrives at Australian fast-food chain

18 April 2018

A 100 percent meat-free burger is rolling out at Lord of the Fries restaurants across the nation.

Developed in the United States, Beyond Meat claims to look, cook and taste like your favourite beef patty - but it's made completely of plant products.

Adding to the fake meat factor: the burger also bleeds when it hits the fry-pan, thanks to beetroot being one of the ingredients.

Boasting some impressive nutritional stats, the Beyond burger has 20 grams of protein per four ounce serve, one gram more than a beef patty.

Entirely vegan fast-food outlet Lord of Fries is now serving up the unique burger - in either original or spicy flavour - at their 18 chains.

Today carnivore Ben Zajac and vegan Jason Reudaizky tried out the faux meat burger.

Their verdict?

"It was nice, juicy and thick… it even looks like meat inside," Mr Zajac said.

"If you didn't tell people it was meat, you could definitely fool them."

Mr Reudaizky said he's been to Lord of the Fries three times since the Beyond burger launched.

"I was speechless, I haven't had a beef burger in 10 years," he said.

"I think it's a good option for people like me who like the taste (of meat), but don't want to contribute to the industry."

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