Plant-based food: Go nuts about vegan cheese

8 September 2017

A PASSION to create a vegan-friendly product led a former research scientist to develop plant-based cheese.

Julie Martyn, who has a PhD in molecular biology, moved from Sydney to Tasmania about 18 months ago.

She did not list making cheese in her top five great ideas but after extensive development has started the Artisa business.

“Being a vegan and a foodie, being a vegan cheesemaker is my best job ever. I am loving it,” Dr Martyn said.

Cashew nuts are blended with filtered water, a little coconut oil and some sea salt and then cultured with dairy-free probiotics to create the vegan product.

“We are getting great feedback, everything is going in the right direction,” she said.

After culturing, the fresh cheeses are packaged and ready for sale at seven days of age. The artisan range are aged for six to 16 weeks, depending on the variety.

“Our cheeses are flavoured by Tasmania, which means we add ingredients sourced from our pick of the many local gourmet producers found in the state.”

In June Artisa moved into a commercial location at Prospect to offer a wide range of vegan products.

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