16 May 2019 'You don't need meat to build muscle', says vegan bodybuilder

16 May 2019 There’s a multibillion-dollar race to replace eggs

8 May 2019 Ranking celebrity chef cookbooks ... by how many animals their recipes kill

4 May 2019 More Australians taking up vegan and vegetarian diets

27 April 2019 Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods burgers could change the way we think about masculinity

26 April 2019 87 percent of consumers are not confused by vegan milk labels

25 April 2019 McDonald's has launched a vegan burger in Germany

25 April 2019 Vegan pizzeria wins top prize at Italy's prestigious World Pizza Championships

25 April 2019 Beyond Meat is going public. Investors are betting on a new future for food.

5 April 2019 EU set to ban veggie 'burgers' and force shops to call them 'veggie discs'

2 April 2019 Burger King pranks customers with vegetarian 'Impossible Whopper'

1 April 2019 Meet the 18-year-old entrepreneur fixing food for Gen Z

1 April 2019 Vegans found to have highest amount of disease-fighting biomarkers according to Loma Linda University study

27 March 2019 We tried the world’s most talked about burger

12 March 2019 New York public schools to have 'Meatless Mondays' starting this fall

9 March 2019 The lab-grown meat industry just got the regulatory oversight it's been begging for

7 March 2019 Eat your vegetables – studies show plant-based diets are good for immunity

5 March 2019 Vegan option in hospitals and schools 'should be law'

27 February 2019 Cultured meat seems gross? It’s much better than animal agriculture

26 February 2019 Green zone: the US soldiers fighting for vegan food


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