12 March 2019 New York public schools to have 'Meatless Mondays' starting this fall

9 March 2019 The lab-grown meat industry just got the regulatory oversight it's been begging for

7 March 2019 Eat your vegetables – studies show plant-based diets are good for immunity

5 March 2019 Vegan option in hospitals and schools 'should be law'

27 February 2019 Cultured meat seems gross? It’s much better than animal agriculture

26 February 2019 Green zone: the US soldiers fighting for vegan food

12 February 2019 The men making meat-free eating a 'sexy' choice

4 February 2019 'Suddenly the idea of putting something dead inside my body didn't feel right': The butcher who turned vegan overnight

4 February 2019 Fast food giants need to face up to climate and water risks, investors warn

29 January 2019 Ending the age of animal cruelty

24 January 2019 Fast-food chains use cute animal toys to market meat to children -- new vegan ranges pose a dilemma

15 January 2019 Impossible Foods accelerates launch of Impossible Burger 2.0 due to unprecedented demand

8 January 2019 Canada's 2019 nutrition guide removes dairy in favor of more vegan food

5 January 2019 Veganuary sees record numbers of people sign up to leave animal products off their plate for a whole month

3 January 2019 McDonald's launches vegan-friendly wrap and happy meal in the UK

31 December 2018 Everything is ready to make 2019 the "Year of the Vegan." Are you?

5 December 2018 Two thirds of the planet eating more plant-based

3 December 2018 Canada aims for world domination in plant-based protein sector

23 November 2018 The European Commission supports the production of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy

19 November 2018 There’s a Christmas crisis going on: no one wants to kill your dinner


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