20 July 2019 'It just didn't make any sense': why Australians are turning away from meat

16 July 2019 Australian Dairy Farmers demand plant-based alternatives drop the 'milk' labelling

16 July 2019 The businesses winning from our appetite for 'fake food'

14 July 2019 Should we stop eating fish and chips?

13 July 2019 Veggie disc anyone? Europe plans to ban 'veggie burger'

6 July 2019 Plant-based meat is about to get cheaper than animal flesh, report says

23 June 2019 Move over smashed avo, Millennials are driving boom in fake meat

22 June 2019 This 150-year-old patisserie just went totally vegan

21 June 2019 Chicken-free chicken comes to Coles

15 June 2019 Man sheds 100lb on plant-based diet, opens up vegan restaurant

14 June 2019 Burger King's new meat-free Whopper is part of the solution

12 June 2019 Impossible Foods celebrates consumer paradigm shift to plant-based meat

8 June 2019 I went vegan for a month and saved a lot of money

6 June 2019 New York Senate passes groundbreaking bill requiring vegan options in all hospitals

5 June 2019 White meat can raise cholesterol as much as red meat, new study shows

30 May 2019 KFC looking into plant-based chicken alternatives

21 May 2019 Plant-based meat sales hit $19.5 billion in 2018

16 May 2019 'You don't need meat to build muscle', says vegan bodybuilder

16 May 2019 There’s a multibillion-dollar race to replace eggs

8 May 2019 Ranking celebrity chef cookbooks ... by how many animals their recipes kill


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