20 August 2019 IPCC climate change report calls for urgent overhaul of food production, land management

20 August 2019 Meat off the menu at Melbourne's Moreland City Council on Mondays, and animal farmers aren't happy

14 August 2019 Arnold Schwarzenegger blasts marketing 'selling the idea that real men eat meat' in new movie

14 August 2019 Vegan MP wants Parliament's restaurants to go meat-free on Mondays

13 August 2019 Goldsmiths bans beef from university cafes to tackle climate crisis

12 August 2019 The vegan lasagne here is so good it's inspired marriage proposals

11 August 2019 These 3 lawsuits are protecting the rights of companies like Beyond Meat to call their products ‘burgers’, 'hot dogs,' and other words associated with meat

9 August 2019 Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are taking on these 3 foods after burgers

9 August 2019 UN says plant-based diets can help fight climate change

8 August 2019 Eat less meat: UN climate change report calls for change to human diet

8 August 2019 Report: we have to change how we eat and grow food to fight climate change

8 August 2019 Beef industry linked to 94% of land clearing in Great Barrier Reef catchments

6 August 2019 Impossible Whopper's plant patties taste almost like real meat -- and that's worrying cattle farmers

20 July 2019 'It just didn't make any sense': why Australians are turning away from meat

16 July 2019 Australian Dairy Farmers demand plant-based alternatives drop the 'milk' labelling

16 July 2019 The businesses winning from our appetite for 'fake food'

14 July 2019 Should we stop eating fish and chips?

13 July 2019 Veggie disc anyone? Europe plans to ban 'veggie burger'

8 July 2019 Subway is testing a Beyond Meat plant-based meatball marinara sandwich

6 July 2019 Plant-based meat is about to get cheaper than animal flesh, report says


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