So—you realise that adopting a healthy plant-based diet is the single most powerful way to help end cruelty to animals—and that it will help to save the planet—but what are you going to do about it?

1. Pledge to be Veg!

Make the pledge now, if you haven’t already! Ask your friends and family to join you in making the pledge, to protect animals, the planet, and their own health.

2. Leave a Trail of Flyers Wherever You Go…

Armed with the new flyer, getting the word out couldn’t be easier. Leave some in waiting rooms at the dentist’s, doctor’s and vet’s surgery (where people are searching for things to read!), bulletin boards, on counters at your local health-food store, or at your own business if you have one. With very little effort you can even leaflet to pedestrians on the street. Got a place in mind? Click here to order your leaflet pack!

3. Talk to Local Restaurants and Supermarkets

It’s simple. Write to, or talk to the manager at your local supermarket to ask them to stock more alternatives to animal products. Ask restaurants in your area to include or expand on their vegetarian menu.

4. Speak Up!

Most people have no idea that the global livestock industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all the world’s planes, trains and automobiles combines—or that by eliminating animal products from their diet they can increase their life expectancy and reduce their risk to some of the major threats to human health. Tell your friends and family—and ask them to visit to find out ‘why veg’ for themselves.

If you're looking for ways to approach the topic, bring a vegetarian pot luck to work, or host a vegetarian dinner party and show off how diverse and delicious animal-free meals can be!

Get active online—post a web banner on your e-mail signature or web page:

5. Donate

Help us to spread the word even further. Your donation to Animals Australia will help to expose the cruelty of factory farming, and fund vital public awareness campaigns. is an initative of Animals Australia, Australia’s most dynamic national animal protection organisation. More »