Couple opens London's first ever vegan chicken shop 'Temple of Seitan'

24 January 2017

London is home to a huge number of fried chicken shops, making the options for meat eaters endless. Vegans do not despair however, as the capital has just seen the opening of its very first vegan chicken shop called, Temple of Seitan.

It all started with the Cereal Cafe in 2015, where Londoners were able to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Then the capital welcomed the Naked Cafe, this was a pop-up restaurant that allowed customers to eat in the nude.

Now, there's another kid on the block, and once again this is an eatery with a difference.

We're not trying to be militant; we are just selling vegan chicken," Pat O'Shea, co-owner of Temple of Seitan in Hackney, London told Sputnik.

"The demand for vegan food in London is huge and we are catering for that need," Mr. O'Shea added.

Pat O'Shea and his wife Rebecca McGuinness are the owners of the capital's first fast-food-gone-vegan chicken shop. The couple hope their restaurant will encourage more people to try veganism.

The restaurant is called the Temple of Seitan and it serves 100 percent vegan chicken.

The question arises therefore, how can there be a chicken shop that claims to be vegan? Well, the clue's in the name.

Seitan is a vegan alternative to poultry and is a protein-rich food made from wheat gluten used in cooking as a meat substitute. It has been used widely throughout Asia and other parts of the world.

‚ÄčThe idea to open a vegan chicken shop began from the fact that the couple loved junk food, but they were also passionate about veganism and not harming animals.

Temple of Seitan has had a huge response already, according to the owners, with customers coming from far and wide to taste the food. Mr. O'Shea has pointed out however, that it is not just vegans who visit the shop, meat eaters have also come along as the shop is strategically placed next to a butchers.

"There have been meat eaters who have visited and people who have gone vegan for the month of January."

Mr. O'Shea and his wife are adamant that their vegan chicken shop is not a fad and that veganism is here to stay, as they continue to hope their venture will help raise awareness.

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