Sydney's getting a dairy-free ice cream truck

23 January 2017

Mr Whippy is getting a swift thwack into 2017 with a van that will ply Sydneysiders with completely lactose-free, coconut-based ice cream.

No longer do the lactose intolerant have to block their ears and tie themselves down when they hear the siren wails of ice cream trucks on the streets and on the beach. Vegans and the health conscious, you too can come out of your bulk freezers filled with suitable frozen mylks because Over The Moo is launching Australia's first ever roaming purveyor of dairy-free goods.

The truck will be serving up Over the Moo's signature coconut ice cream in a menu of imaginative sundaes and classic cones. Using their previously supermarket-only roster of flavours like salted caramel, gingernut biscuit, matcha and black sesame and slapping them together with all the trimmings — think brownie chunks, choc chips, crunchy toffee bits and sprinkles, all dairy free also, of course.

Over the Moo on wheels is a restored 1981 Ford Transit and has a retro Lil Rascals vibe that's sure to catch your eye and nostalgic cravings. It's been a while since the dairy-free among us could enjoy the same alfresco privileges, so look out for your frosty saviour rolling through Sydney's streets, parks, markets and festivals from Thursday March 2.

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