17 October 2017 Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in the plant-based food startup Beyond Meat

16 October 2017 Which vegan brand won top honors at the world's biggest mainstream food show?

12 October 2017 Number of vegetarians in Portugal rises by 400 percent in 10 years

10 October 2017 Former dairy farmer tells how the job turned her vegan

3 October 2017 New report: We must switch from animal to plant protein to 'fix broken food system'

28 September 2017 More than 70 rabbis urge veganism as ‘an expression of Jewish values’

20 September 2017 Rise of the meat-free Christmas: Marks & Spencer's 2017 festive menu contains more vegetarian main courses than meat

8 September 2017 Plant-based food: Go nuts about vegan cheese

8 September 2017 Nestle picks 'benevolent bacon' for its next meal

7 September 2017 'Eating Animals' review: Natalie Portman narrates essential documentary on meat consumption

7 September 2017 The Guardian view on veganism: high in moral fibre

6 September 2017 Hail seitan! How vegan food got down’n’dirty

6 September 2017 A vegan diet may protect you from diabetes

26 August 2017 'Wow, no cow': the Swedish farmer using oats to make milk

3 August 2017 Germany's pork consumption hits record low

23 July 2017 She eats plants, he wants meat – can this relationship work?

17 July 2017 First Canada Food Guide overhaul in a decade sees shift away from meat and dairy

4 July 2017 'Okja' Just Might Convince You to Go Vegetarian

3 July 2017 Veganism on the rise due to health and environmental concerns

30 June 2017 Can satire turn viewers into vegetarians?


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