3 April 2017 Four in five Australians not eating enough fruit and vegetables: CSIRO

24 March 2017 Rich Roll: A day in the life of the vegan iron man

23 March 2017 Vegan beer and burgers are sprouting up everywhere — even at Sydney locals

2 March 2017 Palestine's first vegan cafeteria opens

28 February 2017 Dairy farmers call for labelling crackdown on the word 'milk'

21 February 2017 Cornetto Italy announces the launch of a vegan cornetto brand

8 February 2017 This absurdly simple tofu-hack will make you the god of beancurd

7 February 2017 Is it time for you to go vegan?

5 February 2017 Athletes increasingly turn to vegan diets

4 February 2017 Vegans are vogue – why you’ll be eating more vegetables in 2017

2 February 2017 The hardcore life of a man who went vegan, lost 200lbs, and became a marathon runner

31 January 2017 Dr OZ: The vegan diet is "the single biggest movement of 2017"

30 January 2017 Vegan food joint Moo-Free Burgers taking off in Brisbane

28 January 2017 Vegan cheese surpasses expected sales by 300%

27 January 2017 Marks & Spencer launch vegan sandwiches in response to 'veganuary' demand

26 January 2017 The real-life diet of vegan race car driver Any Lally

26 January 2017 Throw a veggie pattie on the barbie this Australia Day

25 January 2017 Dr. Oz to Air Guide to Going Vegan

24 January 2017 Couple opens London's first ever vegan chicken shop 'Temple of Seitan'

23 January 2017 Sydney's getting a dairy-free ice cream truck


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