21 March 2018 Historic meat reduction project launched in Bahia, Brazil

20 March 2018 Can dogs and cats be vegan? Science weighs in.

15 March 2018 The demand for vegan offerings on menus across Perth are on the rise

13 March 2018 The world's most notorious cup of coffee comes at a cruel cost

8 March 2018 How to make plant-based eating delicious, according to a Southern chef

7 March 2018 Chris Hemsworth (Thor) 'ate vegan diet while filming 'The Avengers', according to personal trainer

7 March 2018 Daiya expands vegan cheese production to hit $1 billion in sales

6 March 2018 Greenpeace: Drastic meat and dairy reduction required to avoid "dangerous climate change"

15 February 2018 Is this Australia's hottest vegan? The millionaire entrepreneur who sculpted his abs with nothing but plants - and it's easier than you think

12 February 2018 McVegan it: McDonald's sells 150,000 plant-based burgers in first month

8 February 2018 Vegetarian and vegan: A quarter of UK dinners have no meat or fish

6 February 2018 Vegetarian and vegan diets are now more popular than ever as Britons turn their back on meat

6 February 2018 New cookbooks for vegans, semi-vegans, and the omnivores who love them

6 February 2018 Take up kindness this Lent by trying Vegan

5 February 2018 Israel joins US in offering lower insurance premiums to vegans

2 February 2018 UK supermarkets report vegan food sales skyrocketing

1 February 2018 I'm vegan and I lift weights 6 times a week -- here's my daily diet

30 January 2018 11 time World Champion surfer Kelly Slater goes vegan

27 January 2018 A shocking new documentary will change the way you think about meat

24 January 2018 No more boring burgers


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